Surfactant-low foam wetting



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Product introduction

Product Name:  MJ-F392

product type:    Surfactant (non-ionic)

Product index:

Appearance (25℃):                  viscous liquid

Cloud point (1%aq.sol, ℃):     39-42

Moisture%:                               ≤0.5

Product performance:

This is a low-foam cleaning agent.MJ-F392 is a low-foaming non-ionic surfactant that can be used in conjunction with anionic surfactants. The special structure makes it have both high-efficiency cleaning and self-defoaming performance. It is used to formulate cleaning agents to achieve the best low-foaming effect and increase the efficiency. Usually used after heated.


1. Alkaline metal cleaner

2. Acid metal cleaner

3. Home care cleaning products, such as automatic dishwashing liquid

4. Used as a wetting agent in crop chemicals

Product packaging:


Shelf life:

The shelf life is 1 year in a sealed package at room temperature.

Storage and transportation requirements:

Store and transport as non-toxic and non-dangerous goods in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

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