Surfactant-degreasing emulsification



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Product introduction

Product name: MJ-S609

Product Type: Surfactant (non-ionic)

Product index:

Appearance (25℃):  colorless to light yellow liquid

Cloud point: Approx. 53℃

Product performance:

A kind of heterogeneous multi-carbon surfactant, has excellent penetrating and emulsifying properties for oil stains, and can quickly decompose oil stains.


It is used for the preparation of high-efficiency cleaning agents and cleaning the workpieces with more pyrolysis synthetic oilsuch as  hard surface cleaners like metal spray cleaning, home care, beer, beverage bottles, floors, optical glass, electronic components, etc. Usually, the addition amount of MJ-S609 in the working fluid is 1.5‰-2.5‰, and the oil removal effect is better when used in conjunction with alkaline additives and dispersants.

If you have higher requirements for low foaming and wetting rate, you can cooperate with our chemical's foam suppression and wetting products, or contact Mingjie Chemical engineers for help.

Product packaging:


Shelf life:

The shelf life is 1 year in a sealed package at room temperature.

Storage and transportation requirements:

Store and transport as non-toxic and non-dangerous goods in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

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