Surfactant-degreasing emulsification



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Product introduction


This product is a surfactant with online temporary anti-rust function, which can be directly dissolved in alkaline solution. It has strong cleaning performance and is suitable for cleaning aluminum and iron at various temperatures.

Appearance: light brown or dark brown transparent liquid

Cloud point: >100℃

pH: 10

Content: 94%

product description

This product combines the characteristics of non-ionic surfactant and cationic green surfactants, and has excellent cleaning performance. It can also improve the corrosion inhibition performance when used in acidic cleaning solutions to prevent excessive reaction of metals and acids; when used in alkaline cleaning solutions, it can improve the anti-rust effect of process parts. The cleaning agent formulated with this product will not emulsify the tank liquid, unless the oil under its own cleaning has an emulsification effect, so this product can often be used in the ceramic degreasing two-in-one formula to increase the stability and durability of the tank liquid. The formulated cleaning agent is clear and transparent even when used at a temperature above 100°C, so that the product will not be decomposed by high temperature and high-strength alkali to lose its function. 

Application field

It is widely used in automobile aluminum wheels and die-cast aluminum. Its excellent performance can cooperate with cleaning agents to better remove surface oil and oxide films, and effectively remove aluminum surface oil, polishing paste, cutting fluid, etc. while keeping the surface of aluminum products bright and non-corrosive .

User's Guidance

Operating temperature: 10℃-100℃

Usage: Ultrasonic/dipping, in order to improve the cleaning performance, it needs to be used in conjunction with alkaline/acid additives

Concentration: 3% (soaking) of alkaline additives, the solubility of MJ-N12 in the working fluid is recommended to be 1.0‰-3‰; 
This product is not suitable for spray cleaning. If you need spray products, please consult the local engineer of Mingjie

Note: The alkaline additives are based on Henkel 1022R or Chemetall S5166/1; when this product is just put into production, it is normal that the product will gel, and it can be dissolved by stirring at room temperature.

Product packaging:

200KG/drum, 1000KG/IBC

Shelf life:

One year shelf life under normal temperature sealed packaging

Storage and transportation requirements:

This product is not classified as dangerous and non-flammable. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place sealed indoors. Before use, the container should be strictly sealed after each use.


The transportation of this product should be well sealed to prevent moisture, strong alkali, strong acid, rainwater and other impurities from being mixed in.

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