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MJ-S5174H Coil Steel Degreasing

MJ-S5174H Coil Steel Degreasing

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Product introduction

Product Name: Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene ether

TypeNonionic surfactant

Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance:                            colorless transparent liquid

Cloud point (℃, 1%):               30℃-36℃

Solid content (%):                    ≥ 99.5

PH value (1%, water solution):0-8.0

Freezing point (℃):                 0℃

Product performance and application:

This product is an excellent alternative to the process of using OP, TX surfactant and silicone defoamer in high-alkali cleaning agents in the traditional steel industry. The cleaning agent formulated with this product has higher alkali resistance than traditional OP and TX surfactant, and the cleaning effect is better, and there is no need to add any other silicon-containing defoamer to use, so choose the high alkali cleaning agent formulated with this surfactant can bring higher benefits.

One part of formulation of degreaser is for cleaning the CRS and HDG in steel coil industry. It can be sprayed, brushed and electrolytically cleaned to quickly remove grease on the surface of the strip. At a temperature of 50 to 60 degrees, the foam is low and easy to use and control, and the wastewater is easy to degrade and treat.


Operating temperature: 10℃-100℃

Usage: spraying/dipping/brushing/electrolysis. In order to improve the cleaning performance, it needs to be used in conjunction with alkaline/acid additives

Concentration: Alkaline additives slotted 3% (spray), the recommended solubility of MJ-N4530 in the working fluid is 1‰-2‰;

Alkaline auxiliary agent slotting 5% (dipping), the solubility of MJ-N4530 in the working fluid is recommended to be 2‰-3‰

Low foam performance (tested with alkaline additives):

35℃ low foam

40℃ no foam

Note: The alkaline detergent is based on Henkel Bonderite C-AK 187.

Product packaging:

200KG, 25KG new plastic drum, 1000KG IBC

Shelf life:

One year shelf life under normal temperature sealed packaging

Storage and transportation requirements:

This product is not classified as dangerous and non-flammable. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place sealed indoors. Before use, the container should be strictly sealed after each use.

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