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Metal Surface Treatment Industry

Shanghai Mingjie is determined to become a more cutting-edge, more scientific and technological company. Mingjie's solution to the industrial coating field is resin silane Mainly used in the field of industrial coating, as a pre-treatment environmentally friendly film-forming agent, organosilane reacts with the metal to form a covalent bond reaction principle, the state of the silane itself does not change, so after the film is formed, no obvious film layer material is formed on the metal surface . Observed through the magnification of the electron microscope, a uniform nano-film layer has been formed on the metal surface. For industrial cleaning The solution provided by Mingjie is a special surfactant Mingjie adheres to a sense of social responsibility, takes an environmentally friendly route and a high-tech route, and protects the environment in which everyone lives.

Synthetic Ester Lubricant Industry

Synthetic ester, which is synthesized from carboxylic acid and alcohol, has very good performance compared to traditional mineral oil base oils. Grease manufacturers can use the technical properties of such base oils to produce high-performance greases. 1.Good viscosity-temperature characteristics 2.Good low temperature performance 3.Good high temperature performance 4.Good oxidation stability 5.Good lubricity 6.Biodegradable

Cutting Fluid Industry

Cutting fluid, coolant is an industrial fluid used in the metal cutting and grinding process to cool and lubricate tools and processed parts. The cutting fluid is scientifically compounded by a variety of super-functional additives, and it also has Good cooling performance, lubrication performance, anti-rust performance, degreasing and cleaning function, anti-corrosion function, and easy dilution characteristics. It overcomes the problems of traditional soap-based emulsions, which are easy to smell in summer, difficult to dilute in winter, and poor anti-rust effect, and has no adverse effect on lathe paint. It is suitable for cutting and grinding of ferrous metals and is currently the most advanced grinding product. All indexes of cutting fluid are better than saponified oil. It has the characteristics of good cooling, cleaning and rust prevention, and it is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive to human body, non-corrosive to equipment, and non-polluting to the environment.

Electronic Cleaning Industry

Shanghai Mingjie currently provides Electronic grade potassium hydroxide (sodium<2000pm) Potassium soap is made in the soap making industry, and used in the daily chemical industry to make cosmetics, shampoos, water-based inks, etc. The chemical raw material industry produces various potassium salts, such as potassium permanganate. It is also used in industries such as dyes, pharmacy, electroplating, carving, lithography, etc., and special chemicals for developer. For details, please check the product information or contact Mingjie.

Polyurethane, Coating Industry

Shanghai Mingjie Huagong Technology Co., Ltd. currently MJ-EP77 is Water-based leather foaming agent, polyurethane foam stabilizer. It can help to form a very stable foam layer and can withstand more severe process conditions, especially when the product is less prone to surface defects such as cracks at higher drying temperatures, so it can significantly shorten processing time and improve production efficiency. Shanghai Mingjie also provides paint pigment dispersant, epoxy curing agent and polyether polyol For details, please check the product manual or contact Mingjie.


Shanghai Mingjie provides pesticide emulsifiers, sorbitol fatty acid esters, and sorbitol polyoxyethylene fatty acid esters. Span 80 Sorbitan monooleate (Span 80) is a kind of emulsifier used more in food processing in 2017. It is a low-molecular polyol non-ionic surfactant, which is a lipophilic emulsifier and is widely used In the food industry. Generally speaking, Span 80 is prepared by esterification reaction with oleic acid after dehydration of sorbitol. It is widely used in processing industries such as medicine, food and cosmetics. Tween 80 Tween 80 is short for sorbitan monooleate. Tween 80 is a hydrophilic and lipophilic non-ionic surfactant. As a commonly used additive in food, pharmaceutical and other industries, it is soluble in water, ethanol and other solutions. It can be used as an emulsifier, stabilizer, dispersant, etc., and is widely used in the production and processing of medicine, food, cosmetics, textile printing and dyeing, and petroleum industries.

Functional Chemicals

Functional chemicals is composed of functional polymer department and special chemicals department. The Functional Polymer Division provides various synthetic resins and molding materials produced from these raw materials to customers in many fields. The Specialty Chemicals Department mainly provides cutting-edge personalized products such as cosmetic raw materials, resins for electronic materials, and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns.

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