Polypropylene glycol



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Product introduction

Product Name:

Polypropylene glycol 2000

Type: Non-ionic


Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance (25):                        transparent liquid

Moisture (%):                                 0.1

Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g):          56

Acid value (mgKOH/g):                 0.1

Color (Pt-Co):                                50

Product performance and application:

Polypropylene glycol series are soluble in toluene, ethanol, trichloroethylene and other organic solvents, and have lubricating, solubilizing, defoaming and antistatic properties. Used as mold release agent, solubilizer, additive for synthetic oil, additive for water-soluble cutting fluid, roller oil, hydraulic oil, high temperature lubricant, internal lubricant and external lubricant for rubber; used as paint neutralizing hydraulic Antifoaming agent in oil, antifoaming agent in synthetic rubber and latex processing; refrigerant and coolant for heat transfer fluid, viscosity improver; used as intermediate for esterification, etherification and polycondensation reaction; used as lubricant in cosmetics Skin agent, softener, lubricant.

Product packaging:

200KG, 1000KG

Shelf life:

Two-year shelf life under normal temperature sealed packaging

Storage and transportation requirements:

This product is not classified as dangerous and non-flammable. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place sealed indoors. Before use, the container should be sealed after each use.

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