Polyether polyol

 MJ-Glycerol polyether series

MJ-Glycerol polyether series

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Product introduction

Chemical composition Condensate of polyol and ethylene oxide


CAS#: 31694-55-0


Technical Index

Appearance: colorless to light yellow viscous liquid

Hydroxyl value: 128~138mgKOH/g

Acid value: ≤0.5 mgKOH/g

Moisture: ≤1%

Solubility: soluble in water, alcohol, acetone and ethyl ester, insoluble in mineral oil and vegetable oil.

Safety: harmless


Performance and Application

1. This product is soluble in water, ethanol, insoluble in oils, stable in the PH range of general cosmetics, and compatible with cationic, anionic, and nonionic surfactants.

2. Used as a moisturizer, lubricant and foam improver for cosmetics and toiletries.

3. Used as an intermediate in the synthesis of fatty acid esters.

4. As a leveling agent, antistatic agent, etc., it is widely used in textile, printing and dyeing fields.

5. Use as emulsifier and solubilizer.


Remarks: Our company can customize different specifications according to customer needs.


Packaging, Storage and Transportation

200kg iron drum

Store and transport as general chemicals. Store in a dry and ventilated place.

The shelf life is two years.

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