Polyether amine



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Product introduction

Product name Polyetheramine D-230

Appearance25℃): Colorless to light yellow with slight haze liquid

ColorPt-Co): ≤50

Water content%): ≤0.50

PH1%water solution,25℃): 10.012.0

Total aminemg KOH/g): 435487

Primary amine content (%) ≥95

Properties and application

The product can be used as surfactant after salt formation and can be used as epoxy curing agent. It reacts with hydroxy acid to form thermoplastic agent, and reacts rapidly with isocyanate ester. It also can be used in jewelry glue, crystal glue, arc glue, dropping glue, epoxy glue, etc.

Package200Kg Nitrogen-filled metal packaging

Storage and transportation:

Store and transport the product in accordance with non-toxic and non-hazardous chemicals. It is recommended to store the product in the original securely sealed container and in dry, cool and well-ventilated place. Subject to appropriate storage under the recommended storage and usual temperature conditions, the product is durable for at least one year. If the container is opened, please seal it with N2 and use up the product as soon as possible.

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