Block Copolymers(EPE)



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Product introduction

Product Name:

Polyoxyethylene, polyoxypropylene block polymer

Type: Non-ionic


Physical and chemical properties:

Appearance (25):                         white solid

Moisture (%):                                  1.0

Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g):          about 14

Molecular weight MW:                   about 8400

Acid value (mgKOH/g):                  0.2

Color (Pt-Co):                                  50

Cloud point (10% 25% BDG solution, ):  about 74

Cloud point (1% aqueous solution, ):       100

HLB:                                                  29

Product performance and application:

It is a white solid at normal temperature, easily melts into a liquid when heated, with good water solubility, permeability and dispersibility. PE6800 can be used to formulate low-foam, high-detergency detergent, with excellent high-temperature and low-foam cleaning performance; it can be used as an emulsifier during the polymerization of vinyl acetate emulsion, and also as a crude oil demulsifier, which can effectively prevent oil pipelines from becoming hard, and for secondary oil recovery; It can be used as paper auxiliaries to improve the quality of coated paper

Product packaging:

200KG, 1000L IBC

Shelf life:

Two-year shelf life under normal temperature sealed packaging

Storage and transportation requirements:

This product is not classified as dangerous and non-flammable. It should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place sealed indoors. Before use, the container should be sealed after each use.

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