Block Copolymers(EPE)



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Product introduction

Product name:

Polyoxyethylene, polyoxypropylene block polymer

CAS: 9003-11-6

Product Type: Non-ionic low-foaming surfactant Surfactant/Ethylene oxide-propylene oxide block copolymer (EO-PO)

Product index:

Appearance (25℃):                                                         White waxy solid

Moisture (%) :                                                                  ≤0.5

Cloud point Cloud point (℃, 10% 25% BDG solution) :   80.0-84.0

PH value (2.5%) :                                                             5.0-7.5


Product performance: It is a white solid at normal temperature, and it is easy to melt into a fluid state when heated. Good water solubility, good penetration and dispersion.


    1) Various types of household and industrial low-foam cleaners

    2) Emulsifier and dispersant for pesticide monomer

    3) Wetting agent for glass fiber

    4) Crude oil demulsifier

    5) Emulsifier in emulsion polymerization


Product packaging: 200kg/barrel

Shelf life: 2 years under normal temperature sealed package.

Storage and transportation requirements: Store and transport as non-dangerous goods, stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

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