Quality and credibility, brand occupies the market

Hiring a quality inspection leadership team with decades of experience in foreign companies, providing high-quality, stable and high-tech products is our greatest pursuit, and maintaining close cooperation with domestic and foreign companies for a long time.

Cutting-edge research and development capabilities

As a high-tech enterprise and a Shanghai warehousing technology company located in an independent R&D center in Baoshan District, Shanghai, it continuously develops cutting-edge surfactants to replace high-value surfactants at home and abroad to meet increasingly stringent cleaning processes.

A complete set of pre-processing difficult solutions

Tailor-made solutions, comprehensively solve pre-processing problems, and create value for customers.


Integrated Warehouse Management Center

Located in a 2,000-square-meter storage space in Jiading, Shanghai, with a well-developed four-way location, there is ample supply of production and no need to worry about out of stock.

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