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Mingjie company focuses on the development and production of special surfactants,We are a high-tech enterprise with a member of the National Standardization Technical Committee (Special) Surfactant Technical Committee. Mingjie products are widely used in ultrasonic cleaning and high-pressure spray cleaning in the fields of automotive home appliances coating pretreatment, electroplating pretreatment, strip steel, precision electronic instruments, optical glass, polysilicon, beer and beverage bottles. Mingjie’s main products include low-foam surfactants for industrial cleaning agents, strong acid and alkali-resistant surfactants, anti-rust surfactants, and film-forming silane resins.

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The economy is turning green. Sustainability, resource protection and environmental protection are becoming more and more important in the world industry. After all, we must all work together to protect our planet for future generations. In particular, the chemical industry is under special scrutiny and is increasingly required to do so - that's right!

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People-the element of everyone

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Their dedication, imagination, reliability and loyalty are the source of our long-term success. About 20 employees at our Shanghai Mingjie headquarters specialize in chemistry, business, information technology and technology. The after-sales problems of our products will be answered by professional engineers to solve the problems in your use process.

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Values of creating value

The chemical sector is changing. New demand, new development, new market. Even in this dynamic environment, we always rely on our own values: with experience, prudence and scientific curiosity, we are creating the future for chemical progress. By doing so, we provide tailored solutions to global customers to meet their needs and market needs. This is: Chemistry tailored.

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Mingjie Supports Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

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